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Anelli | TRIBUTE TO MUNCH | Brown | COLOSSEUM CLASSIC | Double U Frenk

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Gli anelli sono stati realizzati in zama zincato a Old Silver. La zama è un metallo di elementi di zinco e di lega di alluminio, magnesio e rame. La zama è un metallo anallergico, un materiale antitrust 100% nichel libero

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The ring is made of Zamak and SILVER PLATED ( 5 micron of Real Silver Plate ), with a scratch-resistant enamel on the top. The enamel reproduce the famous painting The Scream of Munch ( L'urlo ).
 During the galvanic the item is soaked in a blend of Silver and other components to fix the color perfectly.
The Zamak is a metal of zinc and alloying elements of aluminium, magnesium, and copper. Zamak is an hypoallergenic metal, antitrust and 100% nickel free.


All Colosseum rings are available in different sizes, take a look at the Size Chart to find the percfect one for you


To keep your ring flawless, just follow some simple instructions below.